Helping families in Nepal during Covid-19 lockdown

Nepal is one of the countries where BAM is engaging Christian business owners and workers to live out discipleship in the marketplace. Nepal has not been spared from the impact of Covid-19 leading to a national lockdown that started on 24 March. Many industries and businesses have stopped operations and many workers have lost their jobs. Families struggle to put food on the table especially the daily-wage earners who are typically from the lower income group. Recognising the situation, BAM raised funds and through our local partners, purchased and distributed food-aid package containing rice sacks, salt, oil, lentils and other essentials to sustain the people for three to four weeks. A total of over 1,600 individuals consists of over 400 families and 2 orphanages benefitted. During this period when the BAM team is unable to travel for missions, we are thankful for the opportunity for the team to still be able to do missions work by rendering assistance to those in need in Nepal.

Food distribution to brick factory workers living at the factory site where the clay is available. Their lodging is the piled-up bricks they have made and the zinc sheet roof.