Love Through e-Storytelling

The Power of Stories

What are stories? Why is it important to understand stories? How can stories be used for evangelism and discipling work? Can stories be used as a strategy for church planting? These are some of the questions to be answered by our 2 avid story tellers in a fireside chat style panel discussion. Come and discover the power of stories!


Samuel Lim is a Singaporean and has been based in Chiang Rai, North Thailand since 2006. Samuel is with OMF International, giving oversight to teams serving with Northern Thais. He is involved in a simple church movement amongst urban Thai working professionals and is also running TonCedar, a collaborative startup ecosystem that catalyzes Thai redemptive entrepreneurship.

Guo Yi is a ministry staff and assistant district mentor at Covenant EFC, where he also leads the IDMCi uni program to prepare young adults to flourish in university and beyond. He is passionate about teaching and equipping God’s people to read the Bible well and find themselves and their place in God’s grand story. Guo Yi recently completed his MDiv at Regent College in Canada, where he spent three years with his wife Pei Xian.

Love Through Phonics

Serving the Urban Poor

Most parents want to see their children do well in school and life, and one of the key stepping stones is the ability to read. Unfortunately, the literacy rate among the urban poor across Asia remains low.

Steady Readers Missions’ (SRM) vision is to build bridges with these poorer communities by teaching their children to read through phonics. Research shows that phonics, when taught at an early age, can lay a foundation for the success of a child.

In this workshop, we share what SRM program is all about and how our partners, Aimee Paredes from Care Channels International and Josie Verona from Luzon Bible Church in Philippines have implemented the SRM program which has benefitted children in their communities.


Josie was an early childhood education teacher for over 20 years. Since 2016, she has been teaching 5th and 6th graders. She discovered that many of them were struggling in reading and she wanted to help them.

That year, she was trained in Steady Readers Program – to teach phonics. Teaching is her dream and passion. She loves to touch lives and win them for Jesus.

Aimee Paredes became a believer of Jesus Christ during her high school days. Since then, in 1989, she has a renewed purpose in life – to exalt Christ! She started to serve God in the different ministries of her church and in 1991, she responded to the call of God to serve him full-time.

Currently, she is serving with Care Channels, Inc. (CCI) – a non-profit organization working among the poor and unreached in Asia. She served as one of the board directors in the Philippines – helping to raise more stakeholders to join CCI’s mission cause. She is also serving in several capacities within the organization – farm manager, community development trainer and field missionary worker.

Love Through Friendship

Home Missions Opportunities

“You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself…” (Leviticus 19:34a)


Love and Bless members of our All Nations Fellowships in practical and tangible ways.  Cooking a meal to bless them, teaching them life skills, supporting the fellowships in their outreach events, serving in A Very Migrant Christmas.  Show our appreciation to the sojourners in our midst as we serve them, as we reach out to them.


Teaching & Feasting

3 - 6 Months commitment

Areas to serve in: 1. Cook a simple meal to bless fellowship members for their post-fellowship time 2. Befriend fellowship members during the post-fellowship time

Minimum commitment: Once a month for 3 months

Areas to serve in: Develop lessons and teach basic language skills

Minimum Commitment: Every 2 Sundays for 3 to 6 months

Areas to serve in: Develop lessons and teach basic computer skills

Minimum Commitment: Every 2 Sundays for 3 to 6 months

Christmas Outreaches

Ad-hoc Opportunities

Areas to serve in: Befriending, worship, prayer & logistics

Areas to serve in: Sponsor goodie bags, lead games, group leaders for outing

Seize the opportunity to celebrate Christmas meaningfully this year with our migrant friends!

Please indicate your interest in the form below to join us for A Very Migrant Christmas (AVMC) this December for any of these events to receive more information closer to date, on how you and your CG can serve as sponsors, volunteers or performers!

  1. AVMC for Bangladeshi Workers
  2. AVMC for Chinese Workers
  3. AVMC for Indian Workers