Short-Term Mission Trips in 2024

Trips in 2024

SRM(Steady Readers missions) to Kolkata, India – Fully subscribed

STM to Pekanbaru, Indonesia – Fully subscribed

STM to Dili,Timor Leste

STM to Visakhapatnam, India

STM to Sumba, Indonesia

STM to Hanoi, Vietnam – Fully subscribed.

SRM (Steady Readers Missions) to Ayutthaya, Thailand

STM to Dili/Ainaro, Timor Leste

STM to New Delhi, India

STM to Banepa, Nepal

STM to Chinchpada, India

STM to Manatuto & Bahareduk,Timor Leste

SRM (Steady Readers Missions) to Hanoi, Vietnam – Fully subscribed

STM to Surabaya, Indonesia

STM to Tanjong Pinang, Bintan & Batam

STM to Ayutthaya, Thailand – Fully subscribed

STM to Pangasinan, Philippines